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Mike Miller

Mike Miller
VP of Speech Analytics Customer Strategy, Genesys


Sean Murphy
Director, Speech Analytics Product Marketing, Genesys

On Demand Webinar

“This call may be monitored for quality assurance purposes”. Your organization probably announces this to every caller.  However, how many calls are actually monitored?  Does everyone in your organization agree on the evaluation criteria and the evaluations?

Traditional Quality Management (QM) programs rely on a person listening to calls and manually scoring each conversation according to criteria that is often vaguely defined and open to interpretation. Due to its manual nature, this is a time-consuming, expensive process, so most organizations can only afford to evaluate a small fraction of the calls they handle daily.   Even worse, human interpretation of vague evaluation criteria often drives highly subjective evaluations.

Register now to view this webinar. We will present a LIVE DEMO and a case study. Learn how Speech Analytics resolves the challenges inherent to traditional QM by:

  • Objectively defining agent skills and evaluation criteria
  • Automating the monitoring of calls
  • Reliably evaluating every conversation

Revolutionizing Contact Center Quality Management
with Speech Analytics