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Dan Miller
Senior Analyst,
Opus Research

Brian Bischoff
Vice President for Global Offer Management, Genesys

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For the most part, cloud contact center service providers offer a checklist of standard features such as IVR and self-service; inbound, outbound and blended routing; call recording and so on.

Though the list seems long, it amounts to only table stakes, the minimum offering that decision makers should expect from any credible vendor. 

Register now for this webinar. We will go beyond the checklist and discuss top 10 capabilities you need to look for when selecting your cloud contact center, such as:

  1. Support of multiple channels and "assisted self-service"
  2. Ability to "hook" into existing infrastructure, application, resources
  3. Reusable, proven applications and app development tools

Join Dan Miller, Sr. Analyst from Opus Research as he describes the evolution of “The Conversational Cloud,” and how it is revolutionizing customer care contact centers. 

Beyond the Checklist: Top 10 Capabilities to look for
in Cloud Contact Centers
Featuring Dan Miller, Sr. Analyst, Opus Research